Saturday, June 26, 2010

Who is Aquantis

Aquantis opened 2 years ago with 4 people, the owners and 2 workers more.  Now we are a nice group of people wanting to share our Passion for Diving.  Every single day we meet at 7:30a.m to start organizing our diving trips and sometimes we work until 10p.m doing theory classes or night dives.

This is the people who makes possible our dream of living in front of the beach doing what we like most: diving and receiving new friends at home.

Ali. He is from Taganga, he cannot stop, Ali is doing something all the time. Ali fills tanks, cleans up the dive gear , prepares the diving trips,  assists with the dive equipment manteinance, cleans the backyard, takes  care of our dog and our cat, basically we cannot run this business without him. Ali is also boat captain, he is learning to dive and is a pretty good dancer, He dances folkloric music very very nice. 

She is also from Taganga, keeps Aquantis clean and make the delicious snacks and the Colombian coffee; she makes more than 5 liters of coffee per day. She also does the laundry and have the towels ready after every diving trip. Liset has a beautiful daughter.
The Boat captains.
Benjamin is the principal boat captain, he is always smiling, lives very close to us with his wife and two children. He is from Taganga, drives very carefully and helps everybody, in and out of the boat.
Tirso is also from Taganga, is the captain assistant.  He is a very strong and kind man, he helps also in the dive center filling tanks and cleaning up the dive gear.

The instructors
There are 5 PADI Certified instructors working in Aquantis:  Chopper, Alejo, Desi, Niko and Carlos. All of them speak english.
We are really proud to have Chopper and Desi in our staff, they are from Taganga and have been diving in these waters for more than 10 years.  They know the dive sites so well, they can identify every single fish, know the drifts, the waves, everything. 
Chopper and Desi have been learning English  you will find sometimes their English very particular and funny.
Alejo is from Cuba, really cool guy, he has been diving for more than 14 years in Cuba and all over Colombia, you will always have fun with him. He takes time to explain every detail to the students to make them feel comfortable and confident. He lives in Santamarta and comes to Taganga very often by bike, very eco-friendly!!

Niko is greek,  his full name is Nikolaos Kozobolis!!, He arrived to Taganga some years ago and couldn’t leave anymore. Niko is amazing, his demonstrations of the skills are perfect and he is so funny, looks like a pirate no?  He is not in Taganga all year around, he works as an industrial diver in Africa some months per year.  He is married to the beautiful Salome and have a 12 years old diver: Mateo

And now Los Caleños, (from Cali).
Carlos started working with us very recently, he is from Cali and used to work in Utila,  He is a very good instructor, knows  all the procedures by heart and experience, his English is perfect and his theory sessions very complete. Super friendly guy!!

The Dive Master.
Richard or Cali is the Dive Master in Aquantis, He is from Cali, Colombia so he dances really good!! He almost doesn’t breath underwater so you can expect long dives with him. Cali is very good spotting rays, turtles and seahorses. He helps the divers with everything, don´t hesitate to ask him to remind you some skills before the dive or to help you with the gear. He is learning english, he can have a conversation and improves his skills everyday. He cooks also very well :)

Administrative assistant.

Marjorie is just great, she answers your emails very quickly, receives the payments, processes the certifications, uploads the pictures, knows everything about our diving trips and gives you very good information about restaurants, hostels, buses schedules, flight tickets and more, always more. She is an advanced diver and speaks english. 

Marjorie is from Santamarta and works with passion every single day.

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