Saturday, September 4, 2010

Waterfalls in Tayrona Park

During the last weeks the rainy season has affected all the country and Taganga has not been the exception, it rains almost every afternoon, the visibility decreased and we have power cuts very often. But not everything is bad, the mountains are green and beautiful, its not so warm and we have a new touristic atraction for the divers visiting Isla Aguja.

Calichan Waterfalls, 10 days ago, some divers and instructors enjoyed the water and a refreshing shower under these waterfalls.
Niko made a video, but... well you can see it, Niko is better as a dive instructor than as movie maker, anyway we share it with you and dont forget to book your place to go to enjoy these beautiful waterfalls in Isla Aguja, Tayrona Park ;)

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