Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Extreme makeover

Aquantis looks better! We had put some pictures on facebook, and some of you have already seen the new face of Aquantis ... But here's the full story.

In mid 2011, our PADI regional manager, told us about a gift that PADI had for diving centers who work following the standards  and offering high quality education. PADI would pay for any project in order to improve our diving center, and we did not think twice and decided it was time for Aquantis to look better.

And that's how we got into the "wrapping project", we sent pictures of every corner of the diving center and specially the entrance of Aquantis, a PADI designer reviewed the pictures, we chose the images from thousands and thousands of photos and they sent the new designs, finally, last month everything was ready.

We are happy!!

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