Saturday, December 25, 2010

Families diving together

Diving is an activity that can be learned and enjoyed as a family is a plan that the children rarely say "no thanks dad, another day! Diving creates strong bonds within the family, they share different experiences in each and every dive trip that they remember forever.

But dont assume that every member of the family is going to like it, sometimes we see people put under strong emotional pressure to dive by husbands, wives, parents or siblings, they cannot relax and its very difficult for them to learn and performance the skills. Our recommendation is that parents can create the oportunity for the children to go diving, support and encourage them but always take into account that diving has to be their own decision.

The younger members of the family can begin to try diving from 8 years through the program "Bubblemaker" and from the age of 10 they can be certified as open water divers Jr and 15 years automatically become open water divers. Children should always get written permission from their parents or guardians before diving. In Aquantis, families dive with one or more instructors depending on the number of children, privately so they can move at their own pace.

For us it is always wonderful to welcome the families, some are a little nervous at first, but then they can’t stop talking and looking for what they saw in the ID  books, they reviewed the theory together before the test, see photos taken, and yes! Teens post pictures on Facebook with their parents diving.

In recent days, father and children came from Bogota to Taganga on holiday and they were certified open water divers, it was 3 very busy days for the three of them, but full of emotions and good memories. Congratulations to Gabriel, Nikolas and Manuel Felipe.

Thanks Garzon Family for diving with us and thanks to the families Pinzon-Caicedo, Gonzalez, Bayona, Martinez, Villas, Durán, Hernandez, Hurtado, Miller y Robledo.
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