Friday, March 11, 2011

Celebrating San Valentine´s Day Underwater

Since early February, we started thinking how to do something different to celebrate Valentine´s Day and surprise our divers.

Many ideas began to emerge until finally we decided on chocolates under water, we did some testing of leaving chocolates in ziploc bags for 2 days and 1 day without very good aesthetic results. So we couldn’t do this in advance.

Then we thought about how to make the divers see them??? and we got it!! tie the bag to large red hearts marked with the name of each diver, in our imagination all was beautiful and perfect.

Liset, Marjorie and Cesar were devoted for several days to cut and make hearts and fill bags with chocolates; A couple of days before we tried to sink a bag in our pool for washing equipment .. and of course, it floated. So we open the bags again to put stones and get negative buoyancy!

A week before we did not know how many divers we were going to have that day, but for 13 February, our boat was full in the morning and afternoon, so we ran to make the final hearts and plan how to do it.

During the surface interval, Cesar and Chopper would place the hearts in a sandy area, also some hearts tied to stones to make it look like a garden of hearts!! of course in our imagination, again, everything was red and perfect.

The black bag was ready with everything inside for diving on February 14th.

During the interval , Cesar went with Chopper as planned, but the cords were entangled, the hearts were bent and they are not so red underwater .. .. did not looked like we imagined it! despite the small stones, the bags were floating, so Chopper looked and looked for stones in the sand to hold the bags.

Well finally we were ready, they arrived at the dive site, all the divers went to the same place, all together, something very rare in Aquantis, so after the briefing we took them to the garden of hearts and everything was a surprise, because it was in a sandy patch and there were so many of us, the visibility gradually decreased, but it significantly increased the happiness.

In the afternoon we repeated, and more happy faces came out of the water and happy stomachs with all the chocolates

Thank you all for making this Valentine's Day, a day hard to forget for everyone in Aquantis.

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