Friday, March 11, 2011

Having fun doing PADI Rescue Diver Courses

We are always looking for someone to do the rescue course because every time we have a Dive Master student, who needs to assist and instructor during this course, there is nobody looking for doing it. But lately we've been very lucky, the last days of 2010 we had the Miller sisters and we already certified five new rescue divers in 2011.

We started the year with Elizabeth (Colombian living in Japan) and Martijn (Dutch). They took the first course EFR (Emergency First Response) and then their rescue course with Cesar. Many exercises, lots of sun, lots of laughs and many many hours of study to obtain your certificate, both obtained 96% in their exam ... well done.

Here doing a safety practice (EFR course)

Ken arrived at the same time (half american, half Japanese, half “mutano”) to brighten our days. Alejo was his instructor and dragging the tired diver was one of his best moments. Ken was the lucky winner of the surprise gift to get 100% on their exam.

A few days after we received Loren (Half American, half Canadian), very good diver! This time the chosen instructor was Chopper. We did a refresh of his EFR course as he did it 14 months ago and some things have changed since then. In the video we see perfectly the case for an unconscious diver underwater.

And then was Lennart´s turn (Swiss). After completing his advanced course and peak performance buoyancy specialty.  He decided to become a rescue diver. Now is Desi who is teaching to help other divers in emergency situations.

So it was a very good training for Phillipe, our Dive Master student, very good experience for instructors who applied the last updated changes to the EFR training and of course a good lesson for those divers who will have from now on safer dives .

Thanks for diving with us, we hope to see you again for your Dive Master course.

Elizabeth has already begun :) 

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